Group Add-On

Group  Add-On Service

Achieve more with Group Digital Names. 

A typical Group Digital Name looks like this: $Storefront or $MyMiningGroup

Group Add-On Service $99.95 per year

The Group  Add-On Service is specifically designed for organizations and groups that may have a  need to split inbound payments among several other people or groups.

 Inside your member control panel, you will be able to access the group functions.  Any active digital name can be designated as a group digital name. Once a group digital name is crated, then the  group members can be added to the newly created group digital name, building your group member list. During this process, you will also set the percentage of each inbound payment to be distributed to each member in the group. There is no limit to the number of group digital names that can be created.

Only the owner of the group digital name will be able to add edit and remove members digital names on to the group list. Group members will not see the other members or the percentage they share.

Your group member list may contain personal digital names or any other active group digital name. The added group digital names can be from any owner. 

An example of a Group Digital Name Member List

As you see with the example above, the group owner can assign a percentage to another group digital name, or even digital names that represent a group controlled position such as a sales manager owned by the group owner. The group owner may create a group digital name that will have on its list the sales manager’s personal digital name, making it easy to change the assignment of company positions without effecting the primary group digital name.