Merchant API Features

The Digital Name API System

Merchant members may utilize several of the built in API connections, used to help remotely facilitate operations and functions within the Digital Name infrastructure. Below is a list of the available API connection formats and the Digital Name command functions available at this time.

Connectivity between the merchant applications and websites will use an API Url and a unique API Key as the merchant identifier that will be used for all communications, such as the image below.

The above sample is a basic API connection string used to request a wallet address or public key from the Digital name system. A complete list of all available Digital Name command functions and their needed parameters, may be found in the merchant control panel.

Available Digital Name API Commands:

keylookup – Used to retrieve a wallet address or public key for a given digital name and currency.

digitalname.symbol = ‘full digitalname with currency ie; $test.eth’ – will return the public key

expdate – Used to retrieve the expire date of a digital name. Common when selling Digital Names.

digitalname = ‘only digitalname no need for currency ie; $test’ – will return the digital name expire date

owner – Used to determine the primary Digital Name of the owner for transferring Digital Names.

digitalname = ‘only digitalname no need for currency ie; $test’ – will return account owner’s primary digital name

addkey – Used mostly by wallets to easily assign a wallet address directly to a Digital Name.

digitalname.symbol key = ‘digitalname + the currency symbol + wallet key’ – return 1 for success


Due to revealing some functional methods of possible security procedures, there are several  Digital Name API Commands that will only be made available to merchants inside their member control panel. These commands assist the operators of Digital Wallets, Digital Exchanges, Re-sellers of Digital Names and Secondary Markets. Developers may create new commands that can be used exclusively by their applications or made available to other merchant members.


We would be more than happy to explore any possible addition to the digital commands we offer. Please contact us for more details.