Merchant Membership

A Typical Wallet Address looks like this: 0x54baae98985573858f14b8faedcbe647bf0d28ed

A typical Digital Name looks like this:  $PeterBowen, $Storefront, $RandySmith or $MyMiningGroup

Merchant memberships are $199.95 per year

Merchant Memberships offer the ability to sell Digital Names to their customers and earn 25% sales commission. Merchants may retrieve Wallet Address or Public Keys for Digital Names using our easy to use API for their websites or applications in real time. Merchants will configure their existing software to utilize our Digital Name API for many functions, such as to retrieve public keys for existing Digital Names,  to establish new Digital Names and to update and retrieve merchant settings and statistics.  Merchants may choose to rent our dedicated Host or Zone servers to enhance their performance.

 Merchant Memberships are the designed exclusively for cryptocurrency related businesses and applications which are accepting the use of our Digital Names from their customers. Using our merchant API system, merchants can easily integrate the acceptance of Digital Names into their current websites and applications.

Merchants also have the unique and exclusive ability to sell Digital Names to their customers and receive a 25% yearly commission payment for each Digital Name Sold. Increased commission payments vary depending upon the volume of sales generated.

Each Merchant Membership will include your first unique Digital Name. All Digital Names can easily be used with all supported coins, tokens and currencies. You may add additional Digital Names to your Merchant Membership Account at a discounted rate of $14.96 per year each (reflects the 25% discount ), from within your member control panel.

When integrating Digital Names into existing websites or applications, the merchant will have full access to lookup a Digital Name and retrieve its public key and submit new Digital Names to be added to our network, using our software API connector.  Included with each Merchant Membership is a shared API connector to our host and zone servers within the zone location of the merchant.

Dedicated API connections and even dedicated host and zone servers can be established for an additional fee.

Merchant Infrastructure API Network

TNS Zone – Host and Zone Servers

We have developed a unique worldwide self replicating data network. This network stores, delivers and processes all the tasks demanded by our network. We currently have servers located in 3 major markets. North America is our primary market, with well positioned server infrastructure located in Europe and Asia. Our host servers will serve the direct demands from the cryptocurrency community via our API software accessed by online merchants, crypto wallets and market exchanges.

USA * Canada * France * Singapore * Australia

Host Servers are “Read Only” access Servers that via an  online API connection retrieve public keys and other statistical type data for merchants.

Zone Servers are “Read and Write” access servers that via an online API connection are designed to retrieve and add digital names for merchants

Host and Zone Servers are designed exclusively for merchants who need quick and dedicated access to our network. When renting dedicated Zone and Host Servers, the merchant will have up to 10 dedicated API connectors for processing requests. When using Zone Servers, the merchant will enjoy substantial lower rates for adding new Digital Names. Contact us for details.